The laundry shouldn't be a time-consuming activity.

As a world traveller and a regular guest in five-star hotels, one of my favourite services was the exhilarating luxury of being able to hang my favourite item to be washed on the doorknob, only to be met later when I returned to the room, fresh and new, beautifully pressed and folded.

For me, laundry has always been a necessary time-consuming activity - and as a former owner of a small apartment myself, it was always problematic to have to go around the clean clothes in the dryer, not to mention ironing and folding.
And later I found that the housekeepers were not very good at laundry either, so they were usually left with housecleaning, because somehow the laundry never came close to the premium comfort I was used to, which I always craved.

It's a great feeling to be able to take some of the load off in the multitude of everyday chores to recover from the tasks that await us. I believe we all deserve a little extra care that makes us feel a little better.

 A magas minőség tudatában és az Ön bizalma érdekében, minden egyes ránk bízott ruhaneműért maximális garanciát vállalunk.