The door to door Laundry

The laundry comes to your door

We manage the washing and ironing for You

Allow yourself the luxury of not having to bother with the endless laundry chores,
and we'll give You a special care.
All You have to do is prepare your laundry, order the service and leave the rest to us.

How does it work?

Book an appointment

Book on the calendar or call and specify your appointment, delivery address and select your treatment preference. Specify your preferred location and schedule your first pickup. Please be sure to indicate your special handling preference when booking! You can book anytime in the calendar, by email 0-24 hours and by phone, 10-18 hours.

On delivery day

On the day of the wash, prepare your laundry in the bag(s) and place them in the location you have pre-ordered. Please do not send your laundry in a basket or on a hanger - both may be damaged in transit! Upon receipt, we will deliver your laundry after weighing it and upon receipt of a receipt.

On the day of delivery

When your clothes are clean, crisp and ready to wear, our delivery driver will fold them and bring them back to the drop-off point, You have chosen.

Unlike traditional laundries, you can leave your favourite washed and folded garments with us. What makes our service different is that we:
We separate light, coloured and white garments, which we even take care of during the drying process, for different treatments.
We pack similar pieces in individual practical bags, designed to get the garment ready to put in the drawer.
Shirts are paired with shirts, trousers with trousers, etc.

No, we do it for you! We sort each item into three different types for washing and up to five for drying - which means that white clothes are naturally never washed with colours, and delicate clothes are never dried with towels.
However, it helps if you let us know about stains and special requests in the order note. You have the option of choosing other treatment options, including bleaching whites, adding fabric softener, green /bio/ washing, or using a scented detergent.

You do not need to be at home for the scheduled pick-up and delivery, you can leave your laundry in bags for us.
In most cases, this is how it works.
We will inform you about the pre-arranged delivery with a photo. See our pick-up and delivery tips.
If you have any requests about where we pick up your clothes (e.g. back porch, garage door, concierge, etc.), feel free to write them in your order note.
This will help ensure that all pick-ups and deliveries are successful. We'll let you know as we go, and we'll take care of everything!

It may seem like it at first, but it's a well-established practice.

Door to door

We can offer You a door to door service exclusively in Budapest, the Lake Balaton area and in Szekszárd.

Why choose us?

Professional care

Our advantage is, that we will pick up and deliver your fresh, clean textiles and clothes in the shortest possible time of your choice.

Fast delivery

Unless You order otherwise, your spotless clothes will be delivered to your door, within 24 hours.

Guaranteed quality

Top quality is guaranteed, and we will treat your unique pieces with the utmost professionalism, whether it's a simple wash or dry cleaning.


Environmentally friendly -Bio cleaning

Organic cleaning is carried out using only natural-based, biodegradable detergents in a hygienic and gentle way that is good for people and the environment. All this is done using a completely chemical-free cleaning process in water as a solvent, using only natural-based additives. Advantages over dry cleaning: - near-neutral chemical action - allergy-free - fresher, natural smell - cleaner colours - less fading

Residential laundry service

Our residential laundry service is suitable for both household laundry (tablecloths, bed linen, other textiles) and laundering of clothing, if the instructions for use allow it. We primarily perform laundry services and treat each client's garments separately in small capacity machines and professionally handle them according to the needs of the textile, storing them in hygienic packaging and returning them to the owner.

Public-Catering Laundry services

We offer this service to restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, dormitories, beauty salons and all our customers who regularly generate large quantities of dirty linen. All this is offered with the usual professionalism and competence, in compliance with the regulations, at the low prices typical of industrial laundries. This guarantees a high quality of the materials entrusted to us, regardless of the quantity. Textiles are washed using only gentle detergents that respect the environment, depending on the degree of soiling and the composition of the fabric. Individual quote - Low prices - Speed - Stain removal - Extra bleaching



When you can no longer avoid the pile of clothes waiting to be ironed, we're here to relieve you of the burden so you can spend your time and energy on the things that really matter. All you have to do is order the service so that you can put your freshly ironed garments in your wardrobe the next day.

We serve you with the deepest commitment because it is our greatest pleasure to contribute to improving your quality of life.
We look forward to your individual request - your feedback on what we can do better. 

Zoltán György Tóth
Zoltán György Tóth
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Imola Kiss
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