To regular customers we can offer a personalized price, depending on the quantity and the commitment period
10 kg alatti mosás-megrendelés esetén is minimum 10 kg-nak megfelelő szolgáltatási díjat számolunk fel.
Vasalási megrendelés minimum 5 kg.


You have the option of ozone disinfection if you want to sterilise shoes, bags, duvets, blankets, blankets, children's toys or any other items you consider important.

Mosási áraink:

1 napos /express szolgáltatás: 2000 Ft/kg
72 órás: 1500 Ft/kg

Vasalási áraink:

1 napos /express szolgáltatás 2000 Ft/kg
72 órás: 1500 Ft/kg

Dry cleaning


Darabonkénti díjszabás érvényes. Minimális rendelés: 3db

Suit 9900 HUF/pcs
Jacket 5000 HUF/pcs
Trousers 4000 HUF/pcs
Vest 3000 HUF/pcs
Tie 2000 HUF/pcs
Costume 8000 HUF/pcs
Skirt 4000 HUF/pcs
Women's dress 5000 HUF/pcs
Evening dress 9000 HUF/pcs
Shirt, blouse 2000 HUF/pcs
Knitted sweater, knitted blouse 3000 HUF/pcs
Women's winter coat 3/4-es 8000Ft/db
Women's winter coat long 10000 Ft/db
Men's winter coat 3/4-es 8000 Ft/db
Men's winter coat long 10000Ft/db
Faux fur coat short 6000 HUF/pcs
Faux fur coat 7000 HUF/pcs
Faux fur fur coat long 9000 HUF/pcs
Transition coat4000 HUF/pcs
Jacket with thick lining 6000 HUF/pcs
Jacket with thin lining 5000 HUF/pcs
Feather coat short 7000 HUF/pcs
Feather coat long 8000 HUF/pcs
Irhabunda 3/4 13000 HUF/pcs
Irhabunda long 15000 HUF/pcs
Leather jacket 15000 HUF/pcs
Wedding dress 20000 HUF/pcs
Work trousers 3500 HUF/pcs
Work jacket 3500 HUF/pcs
Coat, Vest 3000 HUF/pcs

Szállítás Bp-en belül 5000Ft, hétvégén és ünnepnapokon 9000 Ft.
Budapesten kívül eső területeken 110 Ft/km-es áron tudunk szállítani.

Balatonkörnyéki szolgáltatásunk májustól veszi kezdetét


If you wish, our bags will be at your disposal until the next delivery for a deposit of 3000Ft.

We are currently working on improving our flat-rate laundry service to make the whole process even easier and more convenient for you. For all this, we will provide 3 different sizes of bags, which you will want to fill well, but the price will remain the same. If you think this would be easier, please let us know.

As we use a heavy-duty washing machine, please ensure that sensitive fabrics
or clothes NOT WASHABLE IN THE MACHINE (suits, wool, leather, lined
garments. Please place in a separate and pre-marked bag.
We cannot be held responsible for garments not labelled with a crescent label. vállalni.

Machine washable garments which are damaged by machine washing, which have lost their size or which
(shrinkage), which, in the case of unmarked packages, may cause the Mobile Patrol - as
not liable for any damage caused by unmarked items!

Thank you!

Javításra - felvarrásra szoruló textíliák - ruhaneműkkel se legyen gondja, akár a mosandóval együtt leadhatja, bízza ránk és mi megoldjuk a problémát!

For orders outside the Capital, don't despair, use the Foxpost cross-country parcel delivery service, which offers exceptional speed and quality, and can deliver your parcel to us at the best price for you. All you have to do is select the service you want and choose the delivery
the service you require and the time schedule, and then go to the nearest vending machine to partner code and send it to us. As soon as it arrives, you will receive the washing and ironing service on the same day. the same day, which will be delivered the next day to the parcel point you have requested, or or even by home delivery.

Don't be afraid to try this method, nowadays everything is it is possible today! lehetséges!

Book an appointment in our calendar, by email or by phone between 10-18h!

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